DIY Command Center Bulletin Board (Refreshed Cork Board)

I've been wanting to do another cork board project for a while, since I did my DIY jewelry organizer cork board. Cork boards are such an easy, fun thing to revamp. It's kind of addicting! I see people doing them all the time on Pinterest, too. I recently picked up a cork board in good condition from a local thrift store for $1.99--so cheap!! I also had a remnant of fabric that I love, from my DIY ottoman recover project, way back when. That ottoman now sits at the foot of our bed...accumulating lots and lots of clothes. My hubby loves that.

Anyway, I've been wanting a command center-type cork board for our kitchen. So, once I had that cork board, I knew exactly which piece of fabric I wanted to cover it with.


  • Cork board
  • Fabric - Make sure your fabric is durable. Perhaps use an outdoor fabric, or even burlap would be fun.
  • Adhesive - I use Elmer's Acid-free Craft Bond spray. It's quick and easy.
  • Straight edge - something to help you smooth out your fabric quickly
  • Stapler & staples


Lay out your cork board and figure out how you want your fabric to lay.


Spray your adhesive all over the parts where you want your fabric to stick--I mainly wanted to adhere my fabric to the cork part, and inside edges of the frame.


Quickly begin to smooth your fabric over the cork board. Use your straight edge to help smooth it out, but be gentle. Some people make be more effective at just using their hands. I used both. I also made sure I pressed the fabric into the crease where the frame meets the cork, because I wanted to keep the frame-look.


After the adhesive has started drying, and is really stuck to the cork board, begin wrapping the fabric around the edge of the frame. If you're wondering about corners, just wrap them like a present. Use your stapler to fasten the fabric to the backside of the board. Pull the fabric taught, but not too tight. You don't want it to pull up from the adhesive surface.


Hang your cork board and enjoy! 

This project literally cost me only $1.99 (for the cork board). That's it! I had everything else on-hand! YAY!! And I'm really enjoying it. It looks perfect in our kitchen, and is the perfect place for our calendar and other items that help us stay organized, and on the same page. 

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