Time Saver: Dusting baskets & knick-knacks with ease

I love home magazines, and have subscriptions to pretty much all of them--Midwest Living, BH&G, Southern Living, etc. I just love 'em! And of course, I "like" many of them on FB, follow them on Twitter and Pinterest. That's not stalking right? I mean, they're magazines. Right?!

Midwest Living was recently looking for cleaning tips & tricks on their FB page. I thought and thought about what tip I might offer. I knew I had several of them up my sleeve, but just couldn't think of any of them. Then, it hit me! And I just knew I had to share it with you all, too! Maybe some of you already do this. But this is what I shared with the good folks at ML.

For several years now, I've been using air dusters to dust my baskets and any little collection of knick-knacks (glass bowls full of shells or rocks, etc.). It's so easy and so fast. Instead of meticulously combing through the individual weaves of each basket, I just spray one of these babies over them, and the dust just gets blown away! It's awesome! And instead of dumping all the shells out of my glass bowl, I just spray one of theses puppies around in there, and poof! Now, mind you, the dust does go elsewhere in the room, but I do find it so much easier to clean it up that way with a dust rag than to labor over the little intricacies of my collections or baskets. 

So, hopefully this little tip is helpful to you! It certainly saves time and energy, and they normally don't cost very much either.

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Online Grocery Shopping--Time & Money Saver?

I recently discovered a beautiful thing...online grocery shopping through one of our local grocery chain stores. Going into it, I was extremely skeptical. I didn't think I would have access to the whole store--just figured there would be a small selection of items available. I didn't really know how it would work, either. I saw large "online shopping" coolers in the front of the store, and just figured you picked them up there. I just had no idea, and wasn't sure it would work well.

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But one day, I decided to try it. I logged onto their Web site, and clicked on the "online shopping" link. To my wonder and amazement, I found every single item in their store at the click of a button. I thought, this is too good to be true (a skeptic still). However, as I clicked my way through and searched for the items on my shopping list, there they were...with sale prices and specials too! Before I knew it, my "cart" was full, my list was completely checked off, and the only thing left was entering my shopping card to get my discounts. I entered it, and sat back as I watched all those savings get added to my total. Wow! I think my jaw literally dropped. I selected a pick up time--for same day orders, I had to allow 4 hours advance. That didn't really matter to me, so it was no big deal. The instructions said that if I needed to change anything on my order, to simply call the store. I ended up having to change a couple of items, so I did end up calling the store twice, but they patched me right through to the person who was SHOPPING FOR ME and she changed those items on the list right then and there!

Normally, this service costs $4.95/per online shop, or you can pay $16.95/month for as many orders as you like. However, since it was my first time, they waived the $4.95 fee--yippee!

So, up to this point, I was pleasantly surprised. After being so skeptical, all my my skepticism was laid aside after I placed my order. I was blown away by the fact that my DSs could run around the house doing whatever they wanted, and I could just sit at the computer and order my groceries. Oh--and I could sort the selections by price, unit price, or brand, so I was sure to get the best deal, and the product I wanted. It was so nice to not have to peruse the shelves to make sure I was getting what I wanted for the price I wanted. With the click of a button I could sort them and select the best deal! YAY! Now I just had to wait for them to call and let me know my order was ready.

Right around the time they promised, the phone rang and I was informed that I could come pick up my groceries. I hopped in my car, pulled into the parking lot and into their special pick up lane, called to let them know I was there, and then waited 5 minutes (at the most). They brought my groceries out to me, and loaded them in my car, while I paid on their handy-dandy portable card swiper thing. Badda-bing, badda bang...done. I did leave a tip for my personal shopper, but that was it!

I am sold! In my opinion, the shopping fee or monthly fee (whichever you choose, if you can afford it), is so worth it! The other nice thing is I could see my cost total as I shopped, and could make sure I didn't go over my budget. The fee for the service is so insignificant compared to the value this store is providing, that I will definitely be using their online shopping again.

I would definitely be interested to hear other folks' take on the online grocery experience. Have you had good experiences? Bad experiences? What is your opinion of the value.

For me...this was a winner. And I felt like a winner. :)

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Win $50 to spend at Shabby Apple! (CLOSED)

Hi, ya'll! Well, I guess that's how they'd say it here in the Lowcountry, but this Midwest girl still says, "you guys." I can't help it! But talk about culturally confused--I've lived in a total of five states now, ranging from the heart of the Midwest, to the deep South, to the upper Midwest, and now the Lowcountry. I know this doesn't hold a candle to some of you military folks, but goodness gracious, I've traversed a wide range of cultures in a brief amount of time. Or at least it feels like a brief amount of time.

But, here we are! And I'm getting more and more settled, and continuing to brainstorm some great ideas for posts on all things BARGAIN SHOPPING! Woo-hoo! To get things started (after a regrettably long absence), why don't we have a...(read this in my best Oprah voice, ala Maya Rudolf of SNL) GIVEAWAY!!!!

You've read about Shabby Apple before on my site, and they've offered another incredible gift to you readers! I just love that they feature up-and-coming designers with a fun, funky, flirty, classy, vintage vibe. They have some beautiful clothes! I've been keeping my eye on them for that perfect vintage dress or just-right little black dress. They have a gorgeous collection of dresses that are perfect for an afternoon tea, special night out, and I've even seen some vintage-inspired dresses that would be out of this world for bridal parties! Check out the Shabby Apple "I'm Late! I'm Late!" dress ($102)...

Yes, please!!

They have a vast array of collections to peruse, as well as tops, bottoms (skirts, pants, & shorts), swimwear, shoes, and accessories, too!

 So, so fun, right?!

You can win $50 to spend at Shabby Apple, and you can use it to buy WHATEVER YOU WANT! (I can hear the angels singing now) All you have to do is complete the two mandatory steps via the Raffelcopter giveaway thingy below! That's it! There are also a couple of optional extra entry options. The giveaway is only open to those with a valid US shipping address.

I'm crossing my fingers for each and every one of you, because I would enter this giveaway myself if I could. AAAAHHHH! I'm so excited! Good luck! The giveaway is open for one week!

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