Project Quick Breakfast: DIY Make-Ahead, Healthy Egg McMuffin Copycats

As I said in my previous post about my "Homemade Freezer Waffles," I was faced with the challenge of trying to get my DH to eat breakfast again. I wanted quick options that were sustaining, healthy, and good. The waffle idea hit my out of nowhere, and this idea was much the same...although "nowhere" in this case was Pinterest. :) I can't remember which of my friends pinned this idea, but I just have to say a HUGE "thank you" to them! Oh, and of course a huge "thank you" to the Monica from The Yummy Life for coming up with the idea in the first place! Here are the fabulous "Make-Ahead, Healthy Egg McMuffin Copycats!"

Now, I did change a few things with this egg muffin recipe. I decided to use American cheese, because of the creaminess, and I opted to use turkey sausage instead of the Canadian bacon--but she has instructions for that as well. This project turned out better than I imagined. It sounded pretty good when I read about it, but it also tasted REALLY good!! I had to try it before I gave it to my DH, just in case it was a flop. But, I was able to unabashedly tell him that they're fabulous, and I expected him to eat every last one! :) I excitedly put them all together, wrapped them in freezer-safe wrapping, and loaded them into a convenient spot in our freezer.

I couldn't wait for my DH to try them!! When he finally did, he was pleasantly surprised! And wouldn't you know...he forgot to take one this morning, after having them for about two weeks each day, and he missed them! He said he was so hungry by 10 AM, this morning, and just hadn't realized how much he'd been depending on them for his morning energy. They're filling and they're good! When I did the cost break-down, they only ended up costing me about $1.05/each for 12 muffins. YAY!! He's eating breakfast, and it's not breaking the bank! I couldn't be happier. I know I could probably make them a bit cheaper, too (not that it really matters at $1.05/each), so I'll update you if I'm able to get that cost down even more. For now, it's a HUGE success!

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