Project Quick Breakfast: DIY Homemade Frozen Waffles

Recently, I was faced with a challenge. Here were the issues:
  • My DH doesn't eat breakfast. 
  • I want my DH to eat breakfast. 
  • Breakfast should not be skipped. 
  • Breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day.
  • My DH eats more junk food in the mornings, because he hasn't had a good breakfast.
  • I want to stop nagging him about eating breakfast.
So, I went in search of solutions...well actually, they started coming to me. 

I was making breakfast for the littles one morning a few weeks ago, when my stomach started to rumble. I usually don't eat until they've eaten...typical mom. I was mourning the fact that we didn't have anymore freezer waffles. I buy the buttermilk kind just to have on-hand for a quick grab-n-go kind of breakfast...don't judge! Haha! But, alas, we were out. Then, out of nowhere, it hit me! You can make just about anything (ala Pinterest), so I'm SURE I could make my own freezer waffles! I mean, wouldn't that just mean making up a whole bunch of waffles and, uh...freezing them?! Duh! I have no idea why I never thought of this before. Times are tight, and wouldn't that save me even more money, anyway? Of course! So, I got to work!   I man, why waste time when brillance strikes?

I grabbed my multi-purpose baking mix, and just followed the instructions. I add a bit of Red Mill Wheat Germ, just to give them some good grains.

 I already had all the ingredients on-hand. Most all of you will too! After firing up my trusty, not-so-fancy Westinghouse waffle iron, I just cooked them up. It takes only about 3 minutes each! I'm regretting the fact that I didn't take any pictures while I was actually cooking them, but after you cook them, simply place them on a cookie sheet lined with wax or parchment paper, and stick them in the freezer for at least 4 hours. After that, just put them in a gallon-sized plastic freezer bag, and you're all set!

Toast them up when you're ready to eat them, just like you would with a regular freezer waffle. YUM!!

So, when my DH is getting ready to leave the house, he can either grab a couple of these and eat before he goes to work, or take them with him and heat them up there. Honestly, I grab them too, when I need a quick breakfast! They're so tasty, and I feel like I'm getting so much more out of them than I was out of the pre-packaged freezer waffles. Quick breakfast solution #1...complete! Now on to quick breakfast solution #2--"Make-Ahead, Healthy Egg McMuffin Copycats" that I saw on Pinterest. Stay tuned for that post on Thursday!

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