As you may have noticed...um...well, I haven't been writing a lot lately. So sorry! You know those times when life takes over and blogging takes a back seat? I'm sure you do. Well, this is one of those times for me. But, you must know that BSP is NOT going by the wayside--no siree! I'm still just as passionate about saving money (probably because we don't have a ton of it laying around). :) And I will still be blogging about my adventures in scraping pennies together. However, I feel the need to stop beating myself up over not keeping up with this blog for right now, and take a break until after the New Year rolls in. I'm also trying to figure out a new focus for Wallet-Friendly Wednesdays, so I'm open to suggestions.

Thank you, dear friends, for remaining faithful, and please don't forget to check back after the New Year! See you then!

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