REVIEW: The Shabby Apple "Side Saddle" Dress

As you may remember, I recently gave away a "Side Saddle" dress from Shabby Apple--an online boutique of women's clothes. They have such cute stuff! I love the classic feel of some of their items.

They graciously sent me the same dress so that I could give my honest, un-biased opinion of their product--if their Web site isn't cute an inviting enough...

Here's the description of the dress from their Web site:
Donning this statement-making dress will have you riding high in style and still looking like a lady! A colorblocked confection in nut brown and aquamarine matte satin, the Sidesaddle's sweetheart neckline, puckered puff sleeves, and strategic paneling along the hips, bustline, and hem work together to create va-va voom curves without sacrificing an ounce of good taste. Unique, fashion-forward, and slightly unexpected, this swoon-worthy style is equine-divine!

Now, I love greens in all shades--especially aquas. I'm a sucker! So, I liked this dress instantly, when I saw it. But, I was SUPER, SUPER skeptical that it would actually look good on me. But, I agreed to do the review anyway--what did I have to loose? I'm not teeny-tiny, although I am in the process of trying to loose some weight, and I just didn't think that a girl like me would work in a dress like this.

First off, let me just go ahead and apologize for the picture quality. I tried to document the review process with my phone, and the quality didn't turn out great.

When the dress arrived, it was beautifully wrapped. First impressions are everything, and this was a good first impression.

Just look at that cheery yellow paper--great first impression! Here's a shot of the actual dress in the package, too:

So, I thought...here goes! I pulled the dress out of the package, looked it over, shrugged my shoulders thinking, I'll be lucky if this looks good. You could tell that the dress was quality, because it felt hand-crafted (in a good way--haha). I really love the fact that Shabby Apple supports up-and-coming designers. This particular dress was designed by Emerging Designer Kathryn Phillips, and is fully-lined and machine washable.

On went the dress, and to my amazement, and great astonishment (I'm still surprised to this day), it was SUPER flattering, and fit great! 

From the front...

I was pleasantly surprised that the dress looked so good when I tried it on! YAY! The only beef I had was that the arm band is a bit snug. I think that will change as I loose more weight, but it's fine for now. I can live with that, because the rest of the dress fits great and looks great! It actually hides my post-baby belly, and hugs me in all the right spots.

I am a Shabby Apple fan! There are so many other things on their site that I'm dying to try, but alas...money, money. :) So, if you're looking for some unique, tasteful, fashion-forward, and very flattering new pieces for your wardrobe, I can't say enough good things about Shabby Apple!

And because I'm budget-conscious, and so are you (most likely), don't forget to check out their SALE section, and their Practically Perfect (slightly imperfect) section for deeper discounts! 

**Disclaimer: I was sent this dress in exchange for my unbiased, honest opinion. My comments are my opinion alone—not necessarily the opinions of anyone else on the face of the earth.**

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