Living Debt-Free...really?!

Our family has been on a quest for many, many years. We're on a mission to eliminate our debt! I shared earlier on this week's Wallet-Friendly Wednesday that we're only 18 months away from eliminating a big debt that we've been working on for about 2-1/2 years now. There will most certainly be a big celebration when that's done!

I love reading about and talking to folks who are successfully living debt-free. It's so inspiring! It makes me feel like we can do it!

That's why I was excited to read an article this week about the Duggars. Some of you just rolled your eyes, and others of you just perked up. I'm not out to debate anything or share any opinions about this family and the way they've chosen to do life. But I have to admire that they are such a big family AND they live debt-free! If you want to know more and be inspired, read How the Duggars Support 19 Kids and Live Debt-Free.

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