$40 Curb Appeal Makeover

We've lived in our house for just over a year now, and have slowly been making improvements. It's a small 1956 ranch, and there weren't a lot of improvements made since the house was built. Little things have been maintained here and there, but we had our jobs cut out for us when we moved in. Our first big project was the kitchen...which is almost completely done, now! Yay! That consumed a lot of our time and energy for the first 10 months we lived in the house.

We recently decided to give our little house a curb appeal makeover...on a budget. We haven't had a lot of discretionary money to just throw at the outside of the house yet, but we found out that a little bit of cash can go a LONG way. Over the past year, we added a couple of trees, and a hydrangea. But, I've had a vision since we moved it, of painting the front door red, and the shutters black. Here's the before:

Note the faded blue shutters--though you can't really tell, they were chipped, faded, and pretty much falling apart. The door is still builder-grade white. The previous owners had replaced the front door, but the white just wasn't doing any thing for me. I'm still not sure what to do about the metal awnings over the doors. Do we rip them off? Paint them? I'm open to suggestions. Notice the boxy bushes all along the front. Eventually, we'd like to just rip them all out and replace them with some better plants. Also, notice that there are no trees in the front yard...at all. It's pretty barren.

So, we purchased a $30 can of "Red Delicious" paint from good ol' HD for the front door, and a $9.99 can of black exterior paint for the shutters. We added our own time and energy, and here's what we got:

My husband and I laughed, because we thought our neighbors are not going to notice this at all. They're just going to think it's looked like this all along! WE notice it though--so much better, and so budget-friendly.

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Kirsten Harr said...

It looks great! It's amazing what paint can do. There's a link party dedicated to that topic alone. You should share this with them!

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