Wallet-Friendly Wednesday, 8/31-9/6

Bargain Brag Wednesday

August 31, 2011

I'm freaking out a little bit! My firstborn starts going to childcare one day a week, starting next week. I'm starting to feel a bit insecure about it! Will she be ok? Will she behave? I'm driving myself crazy. I know she's going to have a great time, but I'm all up in knots about it! She's been running around the house with a backpack on, talking about going to school. I just about burst into tears every time! She's still so little!!! Ugh. Now, I know how this feels. Phew. I'm sure I'll get use to it, but I'm just a ball of nerves right now. You'd think I was the one starting a new class!

Welcome to this week's Wallet-Friendly Wednesday! This is an opportunity for you to share your latest bargain shopping finds, thrift store outfit deals, DIY projects, side-of-the-road pick-ups, consignment shop steals . . . ANYTHING you've done that's saved your money. Use your imagination! Share whatever you've done to save money recently! List it here so that other Bargain Shopping Paradise readers can get inspired. It's a great way to share ideas, and I love seeing how creative everyone gets when it comes to saving money! Please only list family-friendly links. Include your blog name and the name of your "brag" in your link.

Here's a sampling of what you all shared last week:

    Don't forget to check out the previous WFW to see them all. Thank you all for stopping by and linking up!

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    If you've never bragged about your bargains before, start now! Simply blog about your most recent bargains and link back here! I'll feature my favs from your links in next week's WFW post. Can't wait to see your ingenious bargains!

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    Anonymous said...

    Thanks so much for featuring my Homemade All Purpose Cleaner :) Think you accidently put Frugal inplace of Thrifty (for my blog page) ;)

    Erika@Thrifty and Fabuless

    Leslie said...

    Yikes! Thanks for catching that. All fixed now. I love your simple, homemade recipes for household items. So helpful! Thanks for linking up!

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