So excited! New bedding for $50!

Lately, I've been trying to do/get little things that will help my family (and mostly me) feel a bit more settled in our new house. We've been so absorbed with our kitchen remodel for so long that now I'm wanting to get the rest of the house in order and looking the way I want it. We still have some minor, cosmetic things to finish up in the kitchen, but the rest of the house deserves my attention now. And with the new baby on the way, I think my nesting instincts have been heightened. Our budget is rather limited, so I'm trying to be creative in obtaining some of the needed items—after all, I am a bargain shopper! Here's a list of projects I'm trying to tackle:
  • Lamps for the living room
  • Ceiling/hanging lamp for the dining area 
  • "New" used dining furniture
  • Paint the kids' room (it's currently lavender and doesn't match the current gender-neutral animal theme)
  • Lamps/lighting in the guest room
  • Hang pictures!
  • New bedding for master bedroom
  • Recover our living room throw pillows.
  • Find a thrifty (but nice) couch or two for the living room
  • Paint/revamp bookshelves in master bedroom
  • Finish painting around construction areas in the kitchen
  • Backsplash and flooring in the kitchen
  • Organizational fixes & needs throughout the house
  • Paint trim throughout house (big job; will happen in stages)
  • Get my daughter potty trained :)
Those are just some of the things on my list for the next 16 weeks. We'll see how much gets done. But, we checked a fun one off the list last night when we picked up a "new" bedding set from a fellow Craigslister! I'm so excited! It's so luxurious! Our old set was dark burgundy and tan, and really just too dark for our room. It was also not made of the greatest, most comfortable material. I was ready for a change. We needed something white and fresh and pretty and wonderful, and I found it on CL for $50. We had to drive a short distance outside of town, but it was worth it. I can't imagine getting this bedding ANYwhere for under $150 or more! It's cotton, has great loft, and is just too pretty and fresh for words. Here's a look:

I actually think I slept better last night. :) Now, I need a couple of pretty matching/coordinating bedside lamps! You better believe I'm keeping my eyes out, just about everywhere I go. I'll post more as things get done, and especially as the kitchen nears completion. Happy bargain shopping!

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bargain shopping said...

Its good that you have found bedding in just $50 can you tell where it about so I can the same benefit.

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