Friday Bargain Video Feature: DIY Compost Bins & Composting (from BH&G)

So, I've been wanting to start a compost bin/pile for a LONG time, and now that we have a house, I'm going to start. But, I haven't been entirely sure about where to start with it all. So, I was excited to find these two VERY informative videos about creating your own compost bin and compost recipe. For a bargain shopper like me, saving money and doing this kind of thing myself is always appealing. Check out these videos—all about DIY composting!


Barillafab4.blogspot.com said...

I have been a follower of your blog for awhile! LOVE it:) and I saw this post...I made my own compost bin last fall..SO easy..it does fill up way quicker than you think though...I tend to only throw in produce & bread items and still cant believe how much there is so fast! Here is how I did mine, with just what I had on hand so FREE project & it will help my garden this spring!

Michelle said...

I use an old wicker hamper I bought at the thrift store. I'm sure it will fall apart eventually but it looks pretty ;) and works great.

Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

I made a set of compost bins from Rubbermaid tubs. When I fill one I let it sit and cook and fill the other. http://condo-blues.blogspot.com/2010/05/make-compost-bin-out-of-plastic-storage.html

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