I wanted to share a very valuable Web site with you all, in case you haven't heard of it or aren't using it, yet. Especially with holiday shopping and "Cyber Monday" fast-approaching, you NEED to be aware of RetailMeNot.com. This Web site is a store-house of online and printable coupons for just about ANY retailer you can imagine! Sign up for their e-newsletter, and they'll send the deals right to your inbox. They also have browser add-ons that will alert you to available coupons, while you're browsing retailers' Web sites. I have one installed in Firefox and will be adding the Chrome extension today!

They also rate each coupon's reliability/success rate. Pay attention to when a coupon was added, though. If the date is from 2 years ago, the coupon is most likely not active. :) Just be aware that this is a user-diven Web site, and some coupons may not work—it just depends. However, I have had success with this many times, and it doesn't hurt to try a coupon. It could save you LOTS of money!

Popular coupons powered by RetailMeNot.com

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