Life update, again

Things have been a bit overwhelming around here, lately—between all of my computer issues from a few weeks ago, a kitchen remodel, taking care of a very active toddler, my regular job, and . . . trying to get through my first trimester of a new pregnancy. And, now the holidays are FAST approaching! Whew! If you notice some lags in my postings, these are the reasons. I have been rather sick with this pregnancy, which has been a bit all-overarching. Ugh! I'll be doing my best, though, to post some of the best holiday shopping deals, etc.! I will be taking an extended break during the Thanksgiving holidays, so you'll notice a lack of posts during that time. I will be devoting that time to my family.

But, I still have another giveaway to post for my Happy 100! giveaways! Stay tuned for that! The winners will be announced VERY soon!

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