Back and ready to go! More giveaways coming!

Hello, faithful BSP readers! The stomach bug has cleared it's way through our house, and while it left us exhausted last week, I'm back in the swing of things this week. I do apologize for the delay in postings, and of course, for putting a pause on my "Happy 100" giveaways! It pained me to do it, but it's back on course, and I'm ready to giveaway more wonderful gifts THIS WEEK! For more information on why I'm doing giveaways, read my other "Happy 100" giveaway posts.

In light of the delay in giveaways, I'll be pushing back the announcement of the winners, and the giveaways will be ending by the end of November. That is when I will announce all the winners! So, stay tuned!

I hope you are all staying well . . . you don't want what we had, that's for sure! And I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and All Saints Day. Just to leave you with a fun little tidbit from our lives, here's our little pumpkin family that sits on our front doorstep.

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