Wallet-Friendly Wednesday, 6/30–7/6

Bargain Brag Wednesday

June 30, 2010

Can this really be the last day in June! We're really in summer now. Hello humidity! We've had a "cold" front come through recently, so it hasn't been as hot as it usually is this time of year. It's a welcome relief! Although, it hasn't stopped the mosquitoes from attacking us. Anyone have good tips for keeping them at bay without spending a ton of money on name brand repellents? They're driving me nuts! Enough about the weather and the bugs . . .

I announced yesterday that I've changed the name of this link-up to Wallet-Friendly Wednesday. WFW is an opportunity for you to share your latest bargain shopping finds, thrift store outfit deals, DIY projects, side-of-the-road pick-ups, consignment shop steals . . . ANYTHING you've done that's saved your money. Use your imagination! Share whatever you've done to save money recently! List it here so that other Bargain Shopping Paradise readers can get inspired. It's a great way to share ideas, and I love seeing how creative everyone gets when it comes to saving money! Please only list family-friendly links. Include your blog name and the name of your "brag" in your link.

I just have to say that you all (BSP readers) are an amazingly creative bunch! Every week, I'm so excited to take a look at what you all are doing to save money. It's so inspiring! Below is a sampling of your creative genius. Click on the images below to see the original posts, tips, and step-by-step instructions:
  • Now, this is the kind of deal I've been looking for! Decor Chick paid $5 for this chair, and turned it into something great. Here's what it looked like before (click on the image to see what she did with it):
  • You'll be so stunned and inspired by this beautiful bedroom makeover by Joy at Thrifty Parsonage Living:

  • Amanda @ The Hand Me Down House has these super cute outdoor DIY solar lights, and a great, easy-to-follow tutorial:

Thank you so much for sharing your money-saving tips and tricks in last week's Wallet-Friendly Wednesday.

If you've never bragged about your bargains before, start now! Simply blog about your most recent bargains and link back here! I'll feature my favs from your links in next week's WFW post. Can't wait to see your ingenious bargains!

And, before you go, there's one more thing! If you haven't entered the Rosebud Lips giveaway, yet, do it now!! The giveaway ends on Sunday, July 4, and the lucky winner will be announced later on that day. 

This Bargain Brag Wednesday post is brought to you by . . .

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Decorchick! said...

Thanks so much for featuring my chair!! So excited! :)

L Simonson said...

Thanks for hosting!


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