New promotion opportunity!

Are you a crafty, creative woman? Do you have a blog or Web site where you sell items you create—cloth diapers, purses/bags, clothes, accessories, household items, home decorations, jewelry . . . anything? If that's you, I'd like to connect with you! If that's not you, but you know someone like that, send them the link to this post!

I am on a treasure hunt for women with online businesses who are interested in promoting their products. Here's the deal—if you will sponsor a giveaway of your product(s) or services on Bargain Shopping Paradise, you will receive the following in exchange: a review (requires that I am able to try it out) and feature on BSP, and promotion through the BSP Facebook page. If you're interested in doing more, we can certainly brainstorm!

If you're interested in partnering with me to provide great bargains for my readers, and promote your products or services (or if you know someone who would be interested), please contact me via e-mail at {leslie} [at] {bargainshoppingparadise.com}.

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