New mantel decoration project, ottoman recover, and more!

Oh, I've been a busy little bee lately! I've had this incessant need to create, to re-do, and to revive some of our living space. Since we're in an apartment, and aren't sure we'll be here much longer, I've avoided putting any effort into painting the walls (which would be oh so fun). So, I'm trying to revamp some of our furnishings and decorative details to better suit us. We're on a pretty tight budget, too, so I've tried to do things that are easy on our pockets.

Remember this thrifty mirror I found a few weeks ago?

I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do with the two smaller mirrors and picture. But, I've painted the larger mirror (above) black, and painted the candle holder white.

Here's the large mirror:

Much better than the weird bronzy-gold color! I can't wait to find the perfect spot to hang this. It's so heavy!! But, it looks really elegant, now. The original cost of this mirror was around $6.50, and the can of paint wasn't more than $5.

And, this is what my mantel looked like before:

You might not believe this, but it was even MORE bland before I added the touches of aqua color! Despite that, it needed help. And it's still in process, but here's what I've done so far:

The candle holder on the left is the one I found a few weeks back:

Looks nice in white, huh?

I took the turquoise vase and put it on top of the candle holder just for the fun of it. And I liked it! I think it looks really fun. I also had another candle holder that was a maroon color with gold swirls all over it. It was ok, but it wasn't the color scheme I wanted right now. So, I painted it white, too, and added it to the mantel.

It all looks so nice and fresh now! I'm loving it! I also had a couple of silver frames that I wanted to paint. They've been in my house for YEARS, but I hid them away a while ago when they stopped suiting my mood. Here's what they looked like before:

With some fun colors, here's how they ended up:

They make a fun touch to the mantel. Here's another picture of the finished product:

I've also seen so much done with monograms lately. I haven't ever been a bit fan of monograms, but I thought I'd try one out and see how I liked it. To save money, I wanted to attempt making my own. I pulled out some watercolor paper, and my acrylics, and set to work (all of which I already had in the house. Originally, I painted a black border around the paper, but ended up having to crop the sides so much that it only shows up on the top and bottom. Oh well. Then, went looking for a good "P" to replicate. I was nervous! I'm a perfectionist, and I wanted it to be perfect. Oh well, again. :o) I also had this awful gold picture frame, which would be the perfect size for the monogram painting. Goodbye gold . . . hello black spray paint! And here she is:

I actually like it! I think it puts a fun, classic/modern flair to my decor. It's sitting on top of our piano right now, until I find the perfect spot. This little project was FREE, since I already had all of the materials. Gotta love that!

The other project I've been dying to tackle is recovering our ottoman. I'm terrible at taking "before" pictures, because sometimes I just get too excited to start a project that I just jump right in and begin before I realize that I haven't captured what it looked like before. But, here is the fabric it was covered with before:

It's not too bad, but it just hasn't been suiting my mood. The ottoman itself was made from an Ikea table. We just sawed the legs down to the size we wanted. The cushion was a random couch cushion I found in the damaged section at Ikea. I think I paid no more than $30 for all the materials (including the fabric) several years ago.

But, I wanted something more fresh, vibrant, and fun. Enter JoAnne Fabrics:

I love it! Here's the finished product:

Now, pair it with my mantel redesign:

Isn't it fun? I'm loving it!! The fabric cost me around $13 for 2 yards.

I have a few other things that have been primed, but aren't painted yet. I'll share more when they are done. And, I found this wonderfully fun fabric remnant at JoAnne's, that I can't wait to use.

This remnant was on clearance and only cost me around $2. Perhaps a throw pillow?

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care-in said...

Girl! I love your new mantel and the ottoman is so fresh and fun! I'm a monogram addict though!

Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

Your mantel looks stylish and chic...combo of colors and white is very fresh. The fabric you chose is gorgeous! Keep on stylin'!

mle said...

Love the ottoman - goes great with the frames!!

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