Bargain Brag Wednesday, 5/26–6/1

May 26, 2010

Happy BBW! As I'm sitting here preparing this post, I'm thinking about our family's need to save money. We're at a point where we're contemplating buying a house in the next year, and bracing ourselves for some job-related changes. It's reminded us of our need to find creative ways to skim the fat off our budget, and to be good stewards of our resources. That's why I LOVE reading about all of your wonderfully creative ways to save a buck! That's why I love "Bargain Brag Wednesday"!

BBW is an opportunity for you to share your latest bargain shopping finds, thrift store outfit deals, DIY projects, side-of-the-road pick-ups, consignment shop steals . . . ANYTHING you've done that's saved your money. Use your imagination! Share whatever you've done to save money recently! List it here so that other Bargain Shopping Paradise readers can get inspired. It's a great way to share ideas, and I love seeing how creative everyone gets when it comes to saving money! Please only list family-friendly links. Include your blog name and the name of your "brag" in your link.

I want to send out a big "THANK YOU!" to all of you who posted such wonderful bargain-friendly tips, tricks, DIY projects, delectable recipes, and so much more—there were 22 of you last week! I learn so much when reading through your posts! Here's a selection of what was shared (click on the images below to see their original posts, tips, and step-by-step instructions):
  • The Thriftress posted a FABULOUS (life-changing, for me) link to this wonderful tool called Yard Sale Treasure Map! WOW!!! I think my life will never be the same!

  • This fun pizza pan/magnet board DIY project from Life in My PJ's has given me all sorts of inspiration. What a great idea!!

  • I know how it is when a project goes wrong, but I love how Junk Blossoms! turned her mess-up around. Looks awesome, by the way!

  • Last, but definitely not least . . . I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these pillowcases that were made by Carissa at Musings of a Modern Mom. I think I might have to make some! Adorable! And I love that she saw them in a pricey store, and thought to herself, I can do that!

All of these projects linked-up at the previous Bargain Brag Wednesday.

If you've never bragged about your bargains before, start now! Simply blog about your most recent bargains and link back here! I'll feature my favs from your links in next week's BBW post. Can't wait to see your ingenious bargains!

GIVEAWAY: Don't forget that my $30 CSN gift certificate giveaway ends tomorrow! Enter now for your chance to win!

This Bargain Brag Wednesday post is brought to you by . . .

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Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Love that cute pizza pan! Thanks for hosting the party and I hope you have a FUN day:)


Jax @ AlyandAsh said...

Thanks so much for hosting!

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