Cloth diapers on Good Morning America

Cloth diapers were the subject of conversation one morning this week on Good Morning America! This is exciting, because it's raising the awareness of cloth diapers and what an easy, green, cost-effective choice they are. According to the segment on GMA, 18 BILLION—that's right, BILLION—disposable diapers end up in our landfills each year, and they take several hundred years—yes, HUNDREDS—to decompose. Not to mention that that's YOUR MONEY in those landfills, just sitting there with poop on it. To diaper one child with disposables will cost $2000-3000 PER YEAR! Cloth diapers cost $0-800 for one child, and you can reuse them for your other children, as they come along. AND . . . you're not sending your money to sit in a landfill covered with poop for the next few hundred years. :o) Cloth diapers are much simpler and easy-to-use than people think, and when you think about the fact that you're doing your part to cut down on those 18 BILLION diapers that will be sitting in our landfills for the next few hundred years, it's an easy choice! View the segment with Sam Champion and Sara Snow on GMA.

For more information and a list of cloth diapering resources, read my post on why I chose to use cloth and how much money I'm saving.

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