My latest cloth diaper savings

Here in Lexington, we're very fortunate to have Mother Nurture—a great resource for green baby products, cloth diapering, etc. This past Saturday, they hosted their semi-annual cloth diaper consignment sale. Diapers and diaper supplies usually sell-out within the first couple of hours, and the line starts forming about 15 minutes before the store opens. It's quite an event! I went with a friend of mine, and my daughter in-tow—you know, because I love cloth diapers. The nice thing about this sale is that you can drop off your gently used diapers ahead of time and actually SELL them at the sale. I sold a couple of diapers at their last consignment sale, so I had almost $16 in credit. Gotta love that! This time, I was shopping specifically for diaper doublers, cloth wipes, and whatever else tickled my fancy.

As the doors opened and the line of dedicated cloth diapering parents piled into the small store, we all descended like hungry wolves on our prey—the cloth diapers and supplies. It's really a fun time, but it can get a bit crazy. Fortunately, everything remained civil. :o) I did end up picking up a Thirsties all-in-one (Medium) diaper for $6.50, several cloth wipes (a total of ~$6 for a ton of wipes), and a 3-pack of diaper doublers for $4. With my in-store credit, I picked everything up for about $2.50!! It thrills my heart to say that!

Why do I share this? To inspire you! If you have a local cloth-diapering resource, talk to them about hosting an annual, or semi-annual cloth diaper consignment sale. It's a great idea! You can earn and save a ton of money, all at the same time. And it's very, very green . . . especially if you carpool to the sale! :o) Plus, it's really a fun time of being around other moms. I saw several people I knew and got to spend some fun time with a friend.

Now, on another note, I've decided to switch to cloth wipes. Yes, I'm taking the plunge. I haven't started, yet, but I have the supplies, the know-how, and the will. A friend of mine told me about a super simple recipe for the wipes solution (she found it in Super Baby Food). As I looked through that particular section of Super Baby Food I also discovered that Huggies wipes can be washed and reused! Who knew?! So, I'm doing it! I'll keep you posted on how it goes. I'm really excited to get going.

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