Swagbucks update, part 3

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I have now been a Swagbucks member since November, 2009. I've cashed in my swagbucks for one $5 Amazon gift card, thus far, and am working my way toward a second one. As of 1/20/10, I had 29 more Swagbucks, and today (1/27/10) I have 40. This second round of points has seemed to go quite a bit faster than the first round. Now, keep in mind, there are many, many, many ways to use your points, but I have personally been working toward some Amazon gift codes. It's been relatively easy to just use the Swagbucks toolbar and search engine. That's how I've earned most of my points, and it's been pretty easy. And if it earns me some $$ toward my online purchases, I'm all about it. So, I would say that my Swagbucks experience has been pretty good so far! I think I'll keep using it, for now.

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SavinMaven said...

Swagbucks is pretty easy. I just cashed in for a $5 Amazon card.

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