Swagbucks update

I wanted to take a second and update you on my Swagbucks (SB) experience. I've been a member since 11/30, and I'm up to 36 SB, now. If I wanted to, I think I could earn at least 1-2 SB each day, just by searching. It's taken almost a month for me to get to this point. I don't know if that's fairly normal or not. I can't afford much from The Swag Store yet, but when I get to 45 SB, I can get a $5 Amazon card. I've been doing most of my Web searches through them, and that's how I've gotten most of my points. I think I found about 3-4 Swag Codes, which are worth Swagbucks, too.

Swagbucks really pushes referrals, but I haven't earned many SB that way. From what I've heard, that's a difficult thing for a lot of people.

So, I'm on the fence with my experience so far. It seems like it takes a while to earn SB, and when you do, they don't count for much. I guess if I save them and save them, I could probably afford more from the store, but that might take a while.


On the road again . . . Saving money on your holiday road-trip

For many of us, the holidays mean travel. We've been traveling on and around the holidays for many, many years. Last year, everyone came to us because I had just had a baby, which was nice. But, we're back on the road again this year. And I was thinking about all the ways we try and save money while we're traveling, so why not share them with you?

The single best money-saving travel secret I have is . . . if you can make your lunch before you leave (or pack lunch fixin's), you'll not only save cash, but you'll probably eat healthier, too. This CAN work for a multi-day trek, too—not just a day-trip. Just pack a cooler with all the lunch items you need. We don't always have a chance to do this, but when we do it really saves us money.

Another tip is to take your "pit-stops" at rest areas, if possible. Besides using the ol' "Hold it!" method, this saves you from running into the gas station store and walking out with munchies that you just don't need. Sure, rest areas have vending machines most of the time, but you mostly have to walk out of your way to get to them, which makes them not as convenient as . . . well, a convenience store. You'll save money, and get a chance to stretch your legs without getting too far off the freeway.

I also found several great tips for Saving Money on a Road Trip with Kids. I thought you might find them helpful, too.

Merry Christmas, and happy thrifty travels!


Holiday photo deals!

So, a friend of mine was wondering about current photo deals that are going on right now. I was responding to her and thought, Hey! Why don't I post this on my blog? Now, there's a thought.

Here are some of the current online photo deals, going on right now. . . .

Shutterfly has free shipping on orders of $50 or more with promo code SHIP50. Snapfish has 35% off thier photo books thru Dec. 15 with coupon code DEC12. Walgreen's photo is offering 25% of orders of $25 or more thru Dec. 16 with coupon code SENDCHEER. They also have 25% off photo books and calendars with coupon code SAY25. AND they're offering 25% off 4x6, 5x7, and 8x10 single or collage-style prints with code PRINTS25 thru the 19th.

Don't forget that photo gifts make great gifts for the holidays. They're sentimental, and thoughtful . . . AND cost-effective!


DEAL ALERT: Get 25 Free Holiday Songs from Amazon!

According to the Amazon MP3 site, "Every day through Christmas, we're unveiling a new holiday song available to download free for a limited time. Check back daily to see what's next." Visit this link to get your 25 FREE Christmas songs: 25 Days of Free Music from Amazon!

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