Latest, Greatest Baby Find

My daughter is now 10-months-old. Wow, I can't believe that! Her 1st birthday is nearing very quickly, and I'm not sure I'm ready for that.

She's been in her baby-carrier car seat since birth, but we've been seeing the need to move to a convertible car seat sooner than later. So I've been keeping my eyes open to shop for the best deal—of course. What kind of bargain shopper would I be, if I didn't? We wanted to buy something new—instead of used—simply because of the warranty and expiration dates. I had looked a bit at Babies R' Us, and had saved up some coupons if we ended up purchasing one from there. However, the coupons only reduced the cost to around $130. Not great, but we were willing to pay it, if we found something we really liked.

I was keeping my eyes open on kids.woot.com, just to see what might pop up—not really expecting to see a convertible car seat. Then low and behold, one day it was there! A wonderful Evenflo Symphony convertible car seat for $99! I couldn't click the "I want one!" button fast enough. With $5 shopping, this was a steal! Did I mention that this one holds children 5–100 lbs.? And this being my first Woot.com experience, I was interested to see if things would go smoothly, which they did. The car seat shipped quickly, and I couldn't be more satisfied with it. And for around $105, I saved a good amount over buying at a chain store.

And that's my latest, greatest baby find!

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