Question about saving money on diapers!

Unfortunately, it's been quite a while since I've updated all you bargain shoppers on the happenings of the bargain world. I have a good excuse, I promise! My husband and I have actually relocated to a different state, and only a few days after we moved, I gave birth to our first child. So, I've been a little busy, and had to put bargain shopping on the back burner.

However, I'm slowly getting back in the saddle again, and now have a question to pose to those of you who are equally passionate about bargain shopping. Now that I'm a new mom, I'm looking for all sorts of ways to cut corners on those baby essentials: wipes, diapers, diaper cream, etc. So, help me out! What baby cost-cutting tips have worked for you? What should I know? What creative resources are other moms tapping into, in order to save a buck?

Oh, and don't think that I would just ask for input without offering anything in return! What kind of blogger would I be, if that were the case? :o) If you post a response, I will drop your name in a hat for a Restaurant.com gift certificate—since it is one of my favorite sites. All you have to do is post a response by Friday, February 6.

I can't wait to hear your ideas!


Dollar General said...

I feel like you would already know this but at Huggies website you can sign up for their "newsletter" and you get coupons in the mail periodically. Luvs is my favorite "cheap" diaper - basically go to all the websites pampers, luvs, and Huggies and sign up.

Christy Donovan said...

Not all store brand or off brand diapers are the same. Try them all, starting with the Target brand. They are much cheaper.
I also used to set a diaper goal. I can't remember when they were newborns, but when they got older I tried to only change their diaper 4 times a day, and sometimes 3 times. That saved a lot!!
Pampers locks in moisture the best but Huggies holds more. You just have to pick which one works well for your baby.

michelle said...


I just read this about shopping at drugstores. I haven't started doing it yet but I am very excited to start. I know a few people who do this and recieve a lot of free stuff. Virginia once posted a tutorial on it too.

Sara Luke said...

My son is 20 months old and I've struggled with this for, oh, about 14 months (after our baby shower gift diapers ran out). Even with serious coupon clipping and sale shopping, we still spend about $150 a month on diapers (we use pampers exclusively).

I made the decision (last week, actually) that with our next one, we'll be going cloth. At least part time. I've done quite a bit of research and it's really not that much more work than disposable. I've always heard my mom and other people her age talk about what a hassle it is, but it's honestly so much easier now than it used to be. And there is upfront expense, but it is definitely less than the cost of 2 years worth of disposables.

I found that when I limited the number of times I changed my son led to some nasty diaper rash, but that's different for everyone. And I hated the idea of him sitting in a wet diaper.

I know that's not exactly an answer to the question at hand, but it's what I was thinking when I saw this.

care-in said...

I know when they are newborns you can go through a lot of diapers but it evens out soon. I like what Christy said. I only change Evie after her naps and when she wakes up. But other times it is necessary to change more often. I LOVE the walmart white cloud brand. We've used them for both girls. I do not like the parent's choice brand though...totally different. Target brand comes in 2nd for me. Try the cheap brands before settling on the name brands...you may be surprised. Huggies made Evie break out.

Save wipes for diaper changes and use baby wash clothes for food when she starts eating. I'm sure you could use wash clothes for diapers but I'm a fan of the disposable!!

As far as baby contraptions...borrow, consignment shop, or let someone else buy it for you because you don't know if they'll like it and how long you will use it. Swings are something that some babies like but others don't.

I'm not a big sale shopper or coupon clipper and we don't shop at warehouse stores. We probably spend $30-45 a month on diapers.

We have some good consignment shops around here where I like to get the girl's clothes. They even have toys and other contraptions. We had to get rid of a lot of Elliya's big stuff b/c we couldn't store it but we knew we could get it again fairly inexpensively at a consignment shop.

-C said...

1. Do cloth diapers and wipes (esp. if you are a sahm). I promise it's not as icky or disgusting as you imagine. You'll get more up close and personal w/poop and pee when you start potty training anyway. www.cottonbabies.com ... a big chunk at first, but we're using the same diapers now at 10 mths. old that we did at 6 weeks. The diaper sprayer for your toilet is worth the money.

2. Don't buy name brands ... diapers, wipes, medicine, etc. When we did disposable diapers, it was always the cheapest (Parents Choice) and they were fine.

3. Shop thrift stores, garage sales, and freecycle for clothes, toys and baby gear. Half of the big baby items (swing, bouncer, exersaucer, etc.) are used for as little as 2 months. Find some preschool mom friends and swap stuff around. Borrow, borrow, borrow. Even if you have 5 kids within 10 years, no one needs to store all that stuff for that long. Use it, give it away, and someone will offer you another the next time around. Thrift stores are great for toys to help keep your growing one occupied... get a couple books about homemade activities you can do to expand their learning instead of fancy Fisher Price stuff. (Slow and Steady Get Me Ready book is excellent, week by week activities from 0-5yrs)

Hope that helps. We've been given SOOO much ... the cost we're feeling now is two preschool boys with growing appetites. :)

Graced said...

Find other moms in your area and hold swap meets every few months. This is where everyone brings things they no longer need to trade for things they do. You make up your own rules for how to let everyone pick fairly. It is a fun time of fellowship and a great way to get rid of old stuff and pull in the new.

A great healer for a bad diaper rash is plain yogurt. A lot of diaper rashes are yeast infection based and the yogurt is soothing and the acidopholus fights the yeast.

Buy inexpensive white washcloths and keep them in a closed container filled with a little water, a few drops of baby shampoo, and a little white vinegar. These are great wipes that can be bleached and used over and over, just rinse out your container every few weeks and fill with a fresh concoction. You can even keep a bucket with vinegar water that you can throw them in as you use them. Then when you are ready for a load just dump the whole thing in the washer. You can also soak a roll of paper towels in the same solution and use for disposable wipes.

Consider making your own baby food. It is much cheaper and you control the contents. Just cook your food until very soft, blend, and freeze either in a ice cube tray (then store in a baggie) or in individual sized plastic containers. Then just pull out of the freezer and let thaw as you need them.

Shop the thrift store and get and give away clothes from friends.

Heidi said...

I'll go with the idea about consignment shopping. I buy a lot of Logans clothes at Once Upon A Child...don't know if they have one of those around there or something similar. They grow out of clothes so fast when they are little that they practically look brand new still when they are on to the next size. You can sell stuff to these stores too. For example if someone gave you an outfit and you put it on once but didn't really like. GET RID OF IT THEN. They will pay cash or you can use credit in the store to buy bigger clothes that YOU like. I've sold some of logans toys as he's gotten older too. Some of the baby ones he was never really interested it. I'm not a big fan of buying toys there unless they are plastic and can be sanitized. Sorry nursing school has made me germaphobic.

Don't go too cheap on the wipes. We bought some at the dollar store once and they were awful. I tried to use them up but I think after a while I just had to toss them. We buy our diapers at Sam's Club because we get more for our money. Try out different diapers. We tried Luvs and logan constantly leaked through them, so we stopped buying them. Start cheaper and only buy a few and see what works. IF you buy a big amount of cheap ones and they don't work for you, you either have to find someone who can use them or use them up and that isn't fun.

~Amanda~ said...

Personally, we liked to use the Pampers when ours were little bitty. But when they started getting into the size 1 and size 2, we switched to Parents Choice from Walmart. They are cheaper but did just as good as a job as Pampers. We never really liked Luvs because they always leaked and I heard that from many friends as well. We also used their wipes too. With the bigger name brands, you are basically paying for the name. It's better for you to just try some different brands out and see which one you like best because they are all different.

carrie said...

hey les, holy cow diapers are expensive, aren't they? and our little man has only had a handful on his tush since we came home from the hospital... we're doing cloth all the way, baby, and it's been great. we found a woman selling her whole lot on craigslist and for $90 we got 5 doz diapers, several doublers (for overnighting), a stack of washcloths, another stack of thin cloths, and a diaper bag (or lining the can, not for slinging over your shoulder). i have a wipes warmer on the changing table upstairs and use the thin wipes, dampened in just tap water. henry has definitely stated a preference for being changed Upstairs with the warm cloth wipes over the cold paper wipes on the main floor table. so, $90 for the stuff from craigslist, plus 7 covers made and purchased locally for ??, plus two five gallon buckets from lowe's for $5, and a little extra detergent than what we're normally using. and he only gets diaper rash when we put him in pampers! let me know if you want more deets on cloth diapering, i'd Love to get you going on it. cottonbabies.com (mentioned by someone else) is a great site. they just had a clearance on their "complete" bum genius. i understand the best "old fashioned" tri-folds to be from greenmountain.com. that's what brand we have.

kisses to little em, and a hullo to tony,

elphaba said...

All I have to say about cloth diapers and making your own wipes and making your own baby food is, if you've got the time for it, knock yourself out!! I could never do those things because my to do list is already endless without adding extra tasks onto it, but that is just me. :)

I have saved money on clothing through craigslist and ebay. You can get a "lot" of clothing in certain sizes on ebay so it ends up being one dollar per item or even less.

Getting hand-me-downs is awesome!!

Good luck!!

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