Money Managing Matters: Three Dos, Don'ts for Your Finances

"Find Out How You Should Handle Your Money During This Difficult Economic Time"

During these rocky financial times, bargain shopping principles have never been more relevant. We're all trying to get the most bang for our buck, and much of that is tied to our personal finances. On a recent Good Morning America, renowned financial guru, author, and popular radio host Dave Ramsey offered three dos and don'ts for your finances.

Click on the image below to watch the ABC video:

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Greetings to all you faithful bargain shoppers!

I've taken a bit of a mandatory leave-of-absence, due to the fact that I am now four months pregnant with our first child. However, now that I'm past the "yucky" part, I hope to continue updating you with fabulous bargain finds, how-to tips, and deal alerts. Oh and now that I'm pregnant, you can believe that I will be a hound for those maternity and baby bargains!

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