Calculate gas costs ahead of time!

If you don't know about this, yet, here's an invaluable tool: AAA's Fuel Cost Calculator

My husband and I have been trying to decide where to go on vacation this year, and whether or not it would be cheaper to fly or drive. I plugged our plans into this calculator, and found out that we would have been paying way more to drive to our destination than to fly (based on current airline sale prices). If airline prices go up, however, it might be cheaper to drive. Either way, this calculator gave us a realistic picture of what our trip would cost.

Give it a try, so that you won't be caught unaware when you start to see the cost of that road trip you're planning. Vacations are so fun, but it's kind of a bummer if you have to come home and be faced with paying higher fuel bills than you weren't expecting. 

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