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Planning a vacation or trip soon? Spirit Airlines is giving you $48 off for only 48 hours. Just enter promotion code "48HOURS" for travel between September 4, 2008 through November 19, 2008.

If your travel plans don't fall within those dates, you can still save $24 off for 24 hours by entering promotion code "24HOURS" for travel between June 25, 2008 through April 30, 2009.

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Turn your junk into cash!

A simple way to bring in extra cash is to get rid of your junk by selling it at a garage sale . . . and it can be fun, too! Click HERE to read a great article on how to set up your sale, advertise, organize, and just about everything else you'll need to know. Now is the perfect time to do some summer cleaning and figure out what to keep, and what can possibly bring you some extra money!


Save money on books by using PaperBackSwap.com

I've been using PaperBackSwap.com since December 2007 (almost 6 months), and I just had to give a little update on how it's been going. 

For those of you who aren't aware, PaperBackSwap is (according to the website) "a group of readers who share books with each other (NOT just paperbacks) for nothing more than the cost of postage." That's a great description! It's just a site that facilitates the swapping of books . . . and all you have to do is pay the postage to send your books to other people. They pay postage to send their books to you. It's really simple!

So, this is what I've been doing for about 6 months now. I love it!! I have sent out 32 books that I didn't want any more. I have received 33 books that I really wanted. And I've saved over $200 on books! I'm such a fan of this site, and I wanted to remind everyone about what a great resource it is. I currently have 21 books on my bookshelf that people can request, and a whole bunch more on my wishlist. If you would like to join and request some of my books, see my bookshelf here

So, here's your chance! Click on the banner below to join in and enjoy your favorite books for a huge savings!

Calculate gas costs ahead of time!

If you don't know about this, yet, here's an invaluable tool: AAA's Fuel Cost Calculator

My husband and I have been trying to decide where to go on vacation this year, and whether or not it would be cheaper to fly or drive. I plugged our plans into this calculator, and found out that we would have been paying way more to drive to our destination than to fly (based on current airline sale prices). If airline prices go up, however, it might be cheaper to drive. Either way, this calculator gave us a realistic picture of what our trip would cost.

Give it a try, so that you won't be caught unaware when you start to see the cost of that road trip you're planning. Vacations are so fun, but it's kind of a bummer if you have to come home and be faced with paying higher fuel bills than you weren't expecting. 

Newest travel deals from Hotwire

Vacationing any time soon? Just looking for a nice weekend getaway? On a budget? I just love Hotwire.com, because they have great travel deals for budget rates. Click here to see their latest Travel Ticker deals.


DEAL ALERT: Save 15% off at Sierra Trading Post!

Sierra Trading Post will give you 15% off orders of $100 or more. This offer expires Tuesday, June 10. Outfit yourself for summer camping, hiking, and outdoor fun! 

Click HERE to get the discount!

DEAL ALERT: Get 50% off at Restaurant.com

Restaurant.com is offering 50% off in honor of Father's Day. Click HERE to get the deal! This offer ends Sunday, June 8.

New travel deals from Hotwire

Hotwire.com (wonderful travel Web site) offers discounted rates on vacation packages, flights, rental cars, hotels, and more. They also distribute a list of weekly, jaw-dropping deals. Click HERE to see this week's Hotwire "Travel Ticker" deals.

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Right now, you can save 15% off orders of $10 or more at Shutterfly.com. Click HERE to get the deal!

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