Follow up to my magazine purchase

A while ago, I wrote about a great way to save money on magazine subscriptions. I wanted to follow-up on that, and let you know how the purchase has turned out. When I wrote about them, I had already started receiving one of my subscriptions, but was waiting on the other one, and mentioned that I would follow-up.

Everything has turned out wonderfully! I received my second subscription just yesterday, and while it took a lot longer to receive it, it did indeed come through. I have been very pleased! I purchased two separate 2-year magazine subscriptions for about $12! You just can't beat that.

Now, regarding the E-bay subscription sellers, E-bay has since changed their policy on selling magazine subscriptions and is no longer allowing them. However, if you are interested in purchasing subscriptions from one of the sellers I mentioned in my previous post, here is their website: 

Superior_subscriptions: www.superior-subscriptions.com

I haven't found a website for the other one, yet. 

But, I was very pleased with my experiences, and would recommend reading my post on cheaper magazine subscriptions for other tips. 

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