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My husband and I go on a "date night" every week. It's a time for us to talk about our marriage and focus on each other. Because we're on a tight budget, these evenings out are never really extravagant, and we try to find cheaper things to do that are fun for both of us and enrich our marriage at the same time. That's a tall order for our very small date night budget, but you would be amazed at how far we've been able to stretch our dollars every week. It doesn't take much work, either.

Last night, we used coupons from our Entertainment Book for dinner and desert. What would have been a $30 date night only cost us $15.98. I'll tell you how we did it.

We decided we wanted a simple, quiet dinner (nothing super fancy . . . just cozy), so we went to Arnie's in Rockford, MI. Granted, their dinners are not that expensive to begin with, but we had a buy one, get one coupon. The total on the bill came out to around $17 before the discount, and without tip. After the discount, it was reduced to $9, and we tipped our waitress $3 to make it an even $12. We sat at a table by the window in the back of the dining room, and were able to watch the Rogue River float by as we ate. We got exactly what we wanted—a quiet, relaxing, simple dinner . . . at half the price. Oh, and I took half of my meal with me in a to-go box. Now, I have lunch for today!

At the end of our meal, we both decided we were in the mood for desert. We decided to forego desert at Arnie's (as good as their deserts are), and try to find another buy one/get one coupon in our Entertainment Book. To our surprise and delight, we found BOGO coupons for TCBY, Cold Stone Creamery, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, and many, many others. We settled on Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, and off we went.

If you've never been to RMCF, I highly recommend it (with or without a coupon). There are so many yummy  looking treats, we both had a difficult time deciding what to get. In the end, though, we settled on the frozen, chocolate-dipped cheesecake. At $3.75 a slice, our total would have come to around $8. With the BOGO coupon, we paid a measly $3.98 for both slices of the delectable, chocolatey, cheesecakey goodness. 

So, for dinner and desert (both of which were really yummy), we paid around $16 . . . and we had a blast. We keep our Entertainment Book in the car, so it doesn't take a lot of time to find the coupons we want. It was effortless, and we really enjoyed ourselves. And the bonus is that we stayed within our budget. 

The moral of this story is, BUY AN ENTERTAINMENT BOOK FOR YOUR AREA, and use it for anything. We paid around $40 for ours at the beginning of the year, and it's already paid for itself in what we save on car washes alone. They are discounted even more now that the year is underway. What we save on food and shopping is bonus! Plus, we end up trying new restaurants and doing fun things that we might not have done otherwise. Think about it . . . a date night that's fun for both of you, and only costs you around $16 . . . that's worth it!

Happy bargain shopping!

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