Great way to save money on magazines!

I had heard a while ago that a great way to save money on magazines is to order subscriptions through Amazon or even Ebay. Oftentimes, Amazon will have them for a discounted subscription rate, as will Ebay. We enjoy magazines like Reader's Digest, Backpacker, National Wildlife, Real Simple, Midwest Living, National Geographic, Smithsonian, etc. However, we can't afford to subscribe to all of those. With gas prices soaring again, magazine subscriptions are a luxury.

So, I thought I would check out the Amazon/Ebay thing for myself. I visited Amazon's magazine section first. They do have some really great options, and the prices are a bit better than ordering directly from the magazine you're interested in. But, then I checked out prices on Ebay. Particularly, I was looking for subscriptions to Backpacker and Midwest Living.

When I found 2-year subscriptions for under $10, I was a bit skeptical. So I checked out the sellers. Most of the time, they had great feedback, but they normally said that subscriptions would take 60-90 days to kick in. I guess it just depends on how long you're willing to wait for your first issue to come. It seemed like most of these were reputable sellers, but I would have to wait a while to receive my first magazine, but I would save a ton of money. Another positive is that these sellers didn't charge any shipping or handling. I weighed my options and decided to go for it. I can wait (remember patience?).

On January 22, I ordered a 2-year subscription to Backpacker magazine from superior_subscriptions for $4.95, and a 2-year subscription to Midwest Living from subscriptions4less for $7.98. Earlier this week, we got our first issue of Backpacker! That's eight weeks later—not bad and well under the 60-90 day timeframe. I will be leaving glowing feedback for superior_subscriptions. I haven't received my first issue of Midwest Living yet, but again, we're still well under the 60-90 day window. I'll be sure to let you know when I get that one.

But, overall, I would say it's been a great experience so far! I paid less than $12 for two 2-year subscriptions! That's a huge savings! I have started receiving one of the magazines already, in less time than the seller indicated. So, if you like certain magazines, but hate paying top dollar for subscriptions, try out Amazon's magazine and newspaper section and Ebay's magazine subscriptions section. You could save a lot of money, and still enjoy your favorite magazines!

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Mei Ad Store said...

I love reading & subscribing to magazines but sometimes I can't keep up with the bills. thanks for sharing that experience!

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