6 hobbies that can make you money

If you're like most of us, you would rather work for yourself than anyone else, and you want to do something you LOVE doing. You're not alone! Bargain shoppers are some of the most entrepreneurial, ingenious, and creative people I know. So, why not make some extra bargain shopping cash, doing something you're already doing and enjoy? 

Here's a great article from Jay MacDonald of Bankrate.com on six hobbies that have the potential to earn you some extra money:
Looking for extra cash to keep your household afloat in this storm-tossed economy? Maybe it's time to turn your hobby into a business.

Whether you wade in part-time or dive in full-time, there are several advantages to launching your hobby as a business. For starters, you already enjoy it. You also have the knowledge base and skill set upon which to build, and may have a network of fellow enthusiasts to help get you started.

It's likely that you also have a sense for pricing and market dynamics surrounding your hobby. . . .
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