DEAL ALERT: 15% off orders of $10 or more PLUS free prints at Shutterfly.com

Click HERE to save 15% off your photo gift order of $10 or more at Shutterfly.com. The offer ends April 8, 2008.

Also, you can earn up to 50 free 4x6 prints when you order certain items. If you order . . . 
  • a 12x12 book, you earn 50 free 4x6 prints.
  • a 8x8 or 8.5x11 book, you earn 30 free 4x6 prints.
  • a 5x7 or 4x4 book, you earn 20 free 4x6 prints.
This offer ends April 15, 2008. Click HERE to take advantage of it.

DEAL ALERT: Hobby Lobby's weekly specials, PLUS 40% off coupon!

Hobby Lobby's weekly sale flyer can afford many, many savings . . . a crafty bargain shopping utopia of savings, in fact! You can view this week's e-flyer, by clicking HERE, where they list savings like 50% off photo frames, 50% off decorative crosses,  50% off flowering and greenery bushes, and more. They also include a 40% off coupon for any regularly priced item. In fact, they have a coupon included EVERY WEEK! For those of you who like home decorating, consider yourselves crafty, or have a hobby like painting or sewing of some kind, this savings can be significant!

Here's this week's coupon . . . click on the image to print.
Coupon expires April 5, 2008.

And if you want to stay in the loop on their weekly specials, subscribe here .


DEAL ALERT: Take an extra 20% off the entire Sierra Trading Post website . . . and more!

Sierra Trading Post is offering an extra 20% off their entire site, right now through March 31, and they'll give you free shipping if you spend $100 or more. Plus, they are throwing in an extra 15% off their featured best brands (over 2000 items)! 

Click HERE to get the deal, and hurry . . . March is almost over! Gear up for Spring!

Sierra Trading Post

DEAL ALERT: Save 60% off at Restaurant.com!

There is a new 60% off promotion going on at Restaurant.com. I love that site! Save 60% and get $25 Restaurant Gift Certificates for as low as $4.

Simply enter discount code GENIUS at checkout and hit “apply”.

Happy bargain shopping!


Introducing the Bargain Shopping Paradise widget!!

If you're serious about bargain shopping, it's time for you to declare your passion to the world! Check out the brand new Bargain Shopping Paradise widget HERE.

Install the widget on your blog or webpage and keep updated on what's going on in the bargain shopping world. Not only will you have your finger on the pulse of Bargain Shopping Paradise, but you'll be spreading the bargain shopping cheer with all your site visitors, too!

Go on . . . you know you want to! Just do it!

6 hobbies that can make you money

If you're like most of us, you would rather work for yourself than anyone else, and you want to do something you LOVE doing. You're not alone! Bargain shoppers are some of the most entrepreneurial, ingenious, and creative people I know. So, why not make some extra bargain shopping cash, doing something you're already doing and enjoy? 

Here's a great article from Jay MacDonald of Bankrate.com on six hobbies that have the potential to earn you some extra money:
Looking for extra cash to keep your household afloat in this storm-tossed economy? Maybe it's time to turn your hobby into a business.

Whether you wade in part-time or dive in full-time, there are several advantages to launching your hobby as a business. For starters, you already enjoy it. You also have the knowledge base and skill set upon which to build, and may have a network of fellow enthusiasts to help get you started.

It's likely that you also have a sense for pricing and market dynamics surrounding your hobby. . . .
(read more)


Car Deals for 2008!

I came across this article, chock full of great advice on saving money on your 2008 car purchase. Check it out:

If you're starting to sense desperation in the new car market, you're not entirely off the mark. Even the most optimistic sales forecasts expect 2008 new car deliveries to fall to a level not seen since the early 1990s.

The result for consumers is stepped-up programs of rebates, cut-rate financing and factory-to-dealer incentives designed to move the metal off dealer lots as the spring and summer buying season approaches. . . . (read more)

Looking for "Emily"!

I'm looking for the "Emily" that commented on my post about "local bargains and specials". You won the free book I promised, and I'd like to get that to you. So, if you're that "Emily", e-mail me with your address and I'll send it to you. Congratulations!


Attention NE Grand Rapidians . . .

Here's a tip for those of you in the Grand Rapids, MI, area—the Meijer on Plainfield is getting ready to move to it's brand new location (right behind the old one), and the entire store is 20-50% off. Granted, there's not a ton of stuff left, but what they have is definitely on sale. You have to go in with a thrift store mentality. Just look around to see what you might find. Everything is marked down, from shoes and tools, to housewares and pet supplies, to office supplies and printer ink cartridges, to home decorations and beyond! Happy bargain shopping!

Great bargain shopping ideas!

I was reading a post on Real World Martha's Weblog today, and she shares some great bargain shopping tips--specifically tips on how to find the right thrift and consignment stores, as well as tips for finding the right garage sales. Garage sale season is here for some of you, so read her tips and put them to good use! Check them out HERE!

DEAL ALERT: Buy one photo book, get additional ones for 25% off at Shutterfly!

Right now, Shutterfly is running a deal on their photo books. Buy one, and get additional ones at 25% off. Create several to give as gifts!

Click HERE to save money on your next photo project!

This offer ends March 30.


"Show Us Your Cheap" contest from CheapTickets.com

CheapTickets.com is hosting a pretty fun contest, and I thought it was perfect for all us bargain shoppers. Check it out!! Who knows? You could win a really fun trip!

Show Us Your Cheap - Expires 3/31/08 (300x250)


Away on Vacation

Hi, everyone. I will be away for several days on business and then vacation. No blogging 'till the 17th. See you then!

Great way to save money on magazines!

I had heard a while ago that a great way to save money on magazines is to order subscriptions through Amazon or even Ebay. Oftentimes, Amazon will have them for a discounted subscription rate, as will Ebay. We enjoy magazines like Reader's Digest, Backpacker, National Wildlife, Real Simple, Midwest Living, National Geographic, Smithsonian, etc. However, we can't afford to subscribe to all of those. With gas prices soaring again, magazine subscriptions are a luxury.

So, I thought I would check out the Amazon/Ebay thing for myself. I visited Amazon's magazine section first. They do have some really great options, and the prices are a bit better than ordering directly from the magazine you're interested in. But, then I checked out prices on Ebay. Particularly, I was looking for subscriptions to Backpacker and Midwest Living.

When I found 2-year subscriptions for under $10, I was a bit skeptical. So I checked out the sellers. Most of the time, they had great feedback, but they normally said that subscriptions would take 60-90 days to kick in. I guess it just depends on how long you're willing to wait for your first issue to come. It seemed like most of these were reputable sellers, but I would have to wait a while to receive my first magazine, but I would save a ton of money. Another positive is that these sellers didn't charge any shipping or handling. I weighed my options and decided to go for it. I can wait (remember patience?).

On January 22, I ordered a 2-year subscription to Backpacker magazine from superior_subscriptions for $4.95, and a 2-year subscription to Midwest Living from subscriptions4less for $7.98. Earlier this week, we got our first issue of Backpacker! That's eight weeks later—not bad and well under the 60-90 day timeframe. I will be leaving glowing feedback for superior_subscriptions. I haven't received my first issue of Midwest Living yet, but again, we're still well under the 60-90 day window. I'll be sure to let you know when I get that one.

But, overall, I would say it's been a great experience so far! I paid less than $12 for two 2-year subscriptions! That's a huge savings! I have started receiving one of the magazines already, in less time than the seller indicated. So, if you like certain magazines, but hate paying top dollar for subscriptions, try out Amazon's magazine and newspaper section and Ebay's magazine subscriptions section. You could save a lot of money, and still enjoy your favorite magazines!


MY LATEST, GREATEST DEAL: The case of the rustic rocker

There's a corner of our living room that has been in heated (ok . . . maybe not heated) debate over the past few months. I like not having anything in it, but my husband has desperately (ok . . . maybe not desperately) wanted to put a rocking chair there. Now, our apartment is 910 square feet. That's not too bad, but after almost seven years of marriage, we've accumulated enough "stuff" that we're running out of storage room. So, I prefer not to fill every space of our home. However, my husband has this style of rocking chair he's wanted for a long time. It's the rustic kind . . . you know, made out of branches and tree limbs. It's not that I have anything against these rockers, but the only place we would be able to put it is in the aforesaid debated corner of our living room. So, I've bucked it every time he's looked for one of these rockers.

Now, the other thing in my favor is that these chairs run at $200+, right out of the store. Yes! We can't afford one. It's as simple as that! The mere question has been eliminated by our lack of cash-flow.

But, not so fast. Craigslist has found us some amazing deals in the past. We've sold a car through it, and bought another one. I found my camera through it (at about a $200 savings, mind you!). But I thought, Even craigslist has its limits! Again . . . not so fast.

Saturday, out-of-the-blue, my husband was surfing c-list and lo and behold . . . someone was selling a rustic rocking chair for $50! It was the exact same style he's been hoping for. When he finds it, he furtively looks at me with puppy dog eyes that seem to whine, Pllleeeeaase? I cave.

The sacred empty space in our living room is no longer going to be empty. How can I argue against his dream rocking chair at a price we can afford? I can't. *sigh* So, here it is in the formerly empty corner of our living room. I have to admit that I like it.


DEAL ALERT: Save up to 50% at the FranklinCovey.com Private Sale

If you're a Franklin Covey user, you know that their stuff is good, but expensive. I typically purchase my planning pages for the new year every January, but I usually don't spend any money on accessories. But, FranklinCovey.com is having a Private Sale, where you can potentially save up to 50% off. Click HERE to see what's on sale!


DEAL ALERT: 50% off at Restaurant.com

Under normal circumstances, you can get $25 restaurant gift certificates for $10 at Restaurant.com. However, these are not normal circumstances. Click HERE to see how you can save 50% off and get $25 gift certificates for as low as $5/each.

Simply enter the discount code "TASTY" at checkout, and your discount will show up right away!

This offer expires Wednesday, March 6.


Save Money on Travel

I just came across this wonderful article about how to save money on travel, so of course, I had to share it with you! One of the things my husband and I like to do is travel, and we don't normally have a lot of money to spend. We're just not the kind of people who can afford the luxurious hotel rooms, or the all-inclusive Disney package. I have a feeling we're not alone, either.

But we love to take trips, and we've made that a priority because we know the necessity of getting away. Taking a break from the daily grind is a must for us. So, how do we do it and keep our costs down? I do a lot of research!

In fact, we're trying to plan a big trip this year. We've been saving our money, and we're trying to do an all-inclusive tropical vacation. So, I'm always on the lookout for tips that will help us get the most bang for our buck with this trip.

That's how I stumbled onto this article that includes such great tips as:
  • Travel in the off-season
  • Book a package
  • Vacation close to home
  • Be a happy camper
  • Get a home away from home
  • and many others . . . (read more)

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