Local bargains and specials . . . and GIVEAWAY!

Recently, I noticed that the Salvation Army Thrift Store right up the road from us has a Super Saturday 49¢ sale--this means that everything with a certain color tag (blue, red, white, etc.) is 49¢ during a certain part of the evening. I haven't been able to hit it, yet, but I'm chomping at the bit to get over there. By the way, for those of you in the GR area, it's the Salvation Army on Plainfield (by Sav-A-Lot).

That whole thing got me wondering what other local gems and specials I was missing. Please, don't leave me in the dark, anymore! If you know of something similar in your area, let us all in on your secret find! It doesn't matter if it's in the Grand Rapids, MI, area--could be anywhere! What local sales do you like to take advantage of? Is there a restaurant that serves pizza for $2 on Tuesdays, or a clothing store that offers 15% off if you're wearing a certain color (that happened today at a local department store)? Share the love, so we can all benefit from the savings. :o)

As an extra incentive to open up and let us all in on your secrets, I'll give you a free book in honor of the upcoming Valentine's Day celebration, for the first person to comment and tell us about a local treasure!

Happy bargain shopping!


Anonymous said...

A great place for a good deal for dinner dates is a local news station has buy $25 gift certificates to local restaurants, get $50. They start selling Wednesdays at 5 and usually go pretty fast. . . . There are some other things on there too (golf, no thanks :)

Paladinos9801 said...

Great tip, Emily! Thanks! Send your contact info HERE and I'll send you that free book. Congrats!

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