Bargain Shopping Tenet #3: NEVER BUY AT RETAIL PRICE

Everything goes on sale eventually. It's true!

If you remember, the first bargain shopping tenet was about patience, and that still applies here. You should never have to pay retail for the items you want and need, because it will eventually go on sale. You may have to wait, but why pay more for something when you could save money on it later? It's like the law of gravity . . . what goes up must come down. The same is true for bargain shopping . . . what was once retail must eventually go on sale.

It may take a little effort to find the sale, but doing your homework will pay off in the end. Remember, you don't have to have it right now (bargain shopping tenet #2), so you have time to do a little digging to find that perfect deal. If that nagging little voice in your head is telling you to buy now, take a deep breath and take your hand off your wallet. Walk away, and keep your eye on the price. The best time to buy is when you see that price start dropping.

Keeping your eyes and ears open can save you $$! Just pay attention to ads in the paper, coupons in your favorite magazine, or sign up to receive e-mail offers from your favorite retailer. Many times discounts will show up in your inbox that you otherwise would never know about. Scanning your local newspaper can really pay off too--especially when it comes to grocery shopping.

Just make it your mantra to "never buy at retail price," and that alone could save you lots o' cash!

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