With Christmas over, my husband and I had money burning holes in our pockets, and we were trying to decide what to spend it on. My husband has been wanting an MP3 player, and couldn't decide if he wanted to go with something that was only Windows compatible, or both Mac and Windows compatible (e.g. an iPod), since we have both a Mac and a PC. He prefers using iTunes, so he had been hard pressed to find something other than an iPod that would work.

The difficulty was that his budget was around $50, which severely limited the field of choices. So, we kept our eyes out on craigslist and E-bay. Not much was popping up. We were looking for the most storage (2GB or more), and the most functionality (at least a Nano or better). He did not want a Shuffle. So, everything we saw--within those parameters--was running $80 and up. Not good. We kept looking and waiting.

If you'll remember my earlier posting on Patience (the first of many foundational bargain shopping tenets), you will remember that what you are looking for will eventually come your way if you are patient. Well, it's true!

Eventually, a 4GB (remember, storage was important) black iPod Nano appeared on craigslist. It was used, and the description said there were a couple of scuffs on the back, but that didn't really concern us, because it was in new condition otherwise. We scheduled a visit, so we could check it out. The asking price was $70. When we took a look at it, it seemed a bit more scuffed than we both expected. My husband mentioned this to the seller, and he knocked $10 off the price (remember my husband's budget of ~$50?). Sold! After handing over the $60, my husband now has an iPod he's really been enjoying!

So, that was really my husband's latest, greatest deal . . . but, a phenomenal deal nonetheless.

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