Bargain Shopping Tenet #2: AVOID IMPULSE BUYING

Don't believe that nagging little voice that says, "If you want it . . . buy it now!" Or that other one that says, "I must have that now!" The truth is . . . you don't have to "have that now", and the true bargain shopper realizes this.

Remember what we said about patience a while ago? That same principle applies to impulse buying. If you wait for it, that wonderful item you've been pining after will come your way and will most likely be much more affordable than if you had gone with your impulse to buy it "now."

Avoiding impulse buying takes a lot of self-control—I realize this. But, it's really worth it in the end. There have been many times that I have made an impulse purchase, and lived to regret it. I usually see the item I wanted and purchased for a much lower price a few days, weeks, or months down the road and end up kicking myself. If I had only waited!

We often make these impulse purchases and justify paying more for the item we want, simply because we want it. If we could just curb our drive to "have it now", we would save ourselves, our budgets, and our sanity!

CHALLENGE: Go back through your last 30 days worth of purchase receipts/logs, and figure out how many of them were made on impulse. What you find out may surprise you!

In the end, impulse buying only satisfies our addiction to our own desires, and can carry with it a hefty price tag. Curb your appetite to "have it now", and save yourself the guilt and the cash!


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Where to find coupons online

Monday January 14, 5:05 pm ET
By Marshall Loeb

Where to find coupons online for the products and services you buy

NEW YORK (MarketWatch)—Coupon clipping is a time-honored tradition that helps Americans save on grocery, health-care and household items. As an increasing number of consumers resolve to save more money in 2008, coupons are making a comeback. Do you know where to find savings for the products and services you use most?

A recent study by comScore, an Internet information provider that tracks consumer behavior, found that 53% of consumers say they regularly visit brand Web sites to find promotions. Here we highlight some of the best places for printable coupons.

CouponMountain.com is one of the easiest sites to navigate because it is also one of the few that don't require registration or a lengthy sign-up process in order to access coupons.

It features ready-to-use discounts for popular brands and stores such as Dell, Target, ToysRus, Office Depot and BestBuy. The site also offers discount codes for airfares, hotel reservations, car rentals, and online dating. And if you're a fan of a specific store, you can subscribe for email notifications whenever special offers from that store are available.

For grocery savings, go to Coupons.com. According to independent research, it is now the leading consumer savings site on the Internet, with printable coupons for major household brands such as Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, Pepsi, General Mills, and Kraft. You can view available savings by category or by brand, print area-specific coupons by entering your zip code, and get an estimate of how much money they will save you.

Other Web sites for printable coupons include Dealcatcher.com, with up-to-date offers and a forum for users to post promotional codes; Currentcodes.com, where you can browse for savings by merchant as well as alphabetically; and FatWallet.com, which in addition to coupons allows you to search for sellers that offer cash back on certain purchases.

Marshall Loeb, former editor of Fortune, Money, and the Columbia Journalism Review, writes for MarketWatch.

SOURCE: Yahoo! Finance


Cincy Chic: Mining Fashion Gems

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With Christmas over, my husband and I had money burning holes in our pockets, and we were trying to decide what to spend it on. My husband has been wanting an MP3 player, and couldn't decide if he wanted to go with something that was only Windows compatible, or both Mac and Windows compatible (e.g. an iPod), since we have both a Mac and a PC. He prefers using iTunes, so he had been hard pressed to find something other than an iPod that would work.

The difficulty was that his budget was around $50, which severely limited the field of choices. So, we kept our eyes out on craigslist and E-bay. Not much was popping up. We were looking for the most storage (2GB or more), and the most functionality (at least a Nano or better). He did not want a Shuffle. So, everything we saw--within those parameters--was running $80 and up. Not good. We kept looking and waiting.

If you'll remember my earlier posting on Patience (the first of many foundational bargain shopping tenets), you will remember that what you are looking for will eventually come your way if you are patient. Well, it's true!

Eventually, a 4GB (remember, storage was important) black iPod Nano appeared on craigslist. It was used, and the description said there were a couple of scuffs on the back, but that didn't really concern us, because it was in new condition otherwise. We scheduled a visit, so we could check it out. The asking price was $70. When we took a look at it, it seemed a bit more scuffed than we both expected. My husband mentioned this to the seller, and he knocked $10 off the price (remember my husband's budget of ~$50?). Sold! After handing over the $60, my husband now has an iPod he's really been enjoying!

So, that was really my husband's latest, greatest deal . . . but, a phenomenal deal nonetheless.

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