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Shopping Date: 11/30

Friday night, we visited the new Salvation Army Thrift Store just up the road. It's a nice store, and they have lots of stuff right now, since they just opened. I've been looking for a new/used comforter set for my in-law's new vacation place. We're in charge of decorating the room we use when we stay there, so I've been looking for ways to do that on a budget so it won't cost them a ton of money.

As I was perusing the store, I came across what looked like a really pretty comforter. As I approached it, I was hoping, "Please let it be a queen, and please let it be a good price!" It was indeed a queen, and it was marked at $35.99. The best part was . . . it was a Waverly brand, and it came with the pillow shams. And yes . . . it was REALLY pretty and in brand new condition. It had great loft and was the exact color scheme I was hoping to find. I excitedly added it to my cart, and thought, "Sweet!"

But, when I got to the counter to check out, the cashier asked what price it was marked at. I told her $35.99. To which she replied, "Oh, that should be $25.99!" To which I said, "Well, it's marked $35.99, but if you want to give it to us for $25.99, I won't stop you." So, she gave us $10 off!! Who knew you could ask for an even steeper discount at Salvation Army?!

Beautiful Waverly comforter & shams . . . $35.99
Cashier's discount . . . . $10.00
The thrill of finding an awesome comforter set for $25.99 for my in-laws on a budget . . . priceless!

And that's my latest greatest deal!

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