I wanted to find a way to share some of the great deals I get, and hopefully inspire you to find your own great deals and share them. So, I'm beginning what I'm calling, "My latest, greatest deal" posts. Whenever you see a post with that title, you'll know that I'm sharing, well . . . my latest, greatest deal. Feel free to comment and share yours as well!


We have a pet cockatiel. She's very sweet, and we've been wanting to get her a larger cage for a long time. She's not a huge bird, but she needed a bigger space than what we were able to afford when we got her. Enter craigslist.org . . . one of my favorite websites. I will usually search our local edition at least once a day, just to see what's out there for sale or free. Well, Wednesday I saw the posting I had been waiting to see! Someone was selling a large cockatiel cage for $10!! Now, if you know your pet supplies, you should know that a small to medium sized bird cage goes for no less than about $30, brand new. The cage I found on craiglist was in great condition and twice the size of our ~$30 cage we had gotten brand new. I jumped on it and e-mailed the seller right away. Fortunately, it was still available, and that evening our cute little bird had a new home!

Cockatiel . . . $40
New, bigger birdcage . . . $10
Watching our cockatiel be able to spread her wings in her new cage, and hearing her tweet with delight . . . priceless.

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