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Fluorescent vs. Incandescent:
How to save energy costs by making a simple switch

Taken from "Your Weekly Savings Tip"
by Benjamin Bankes

Switching at least one incandescent light bulb to a compact fluorescent can cut around $30 off of your annual electricity bill. Think about how many light bulbs you use in your household and see those savings multiply if you switch over all of your bulbs.

Fluorescent bulbs may cost slightly more, but they
provide the same amount of light as their incandescent counterparts, use two-thirds less energy and can last up to 10 times longer.

To get more ideas and money-saving tips, visit www.FeedthePig.org and subscribe to "Your Weekly Savings Tip".


You may have noticed a number of advertisements on Bargain Shopper's Paradise--that's great if you have!

I have enlisted the help of companies like Wal-Mart, Sierra Trading Post, Entertainment, Half.com, and others, to help bring the deals directly to you. These companies have been a source of much of my bargain shopping, and I've saved tons of money by patronizing them. Some of the deals I've talked about come straight from these advertisers.

And believe me . . . I'm not letting just anyone advertise. I've chosen to link up with companies that I have personal bargain shopping experience with. So, take advantage of the links they've provided, and have fun saving TONS of money!!

Swap Paperbacks for FREE!

Don't you just love the word "free"? Getting something for nothing is one of those simple pleasures in life that never gets old. :o)

I just came across a new website, that I think you'll enjoy! Frugalreader.com is a place where you can basically recycle your used paperbacks and get the ones you've been dying to read. It's also a place where you can discuss the books you're reading and interact with authors.

You just pay the cost of shipping the book via media mail, and other people reciprocate that when they send you books. So the cost balances out in the end.

Here's what their website says:

Get the books you want, when you want them, for as long as you want them. Three simple steps:
  1. List books that you own for other members to request.
  2. Request books from other members.
  3. Mail requested books to other members and they do the same for you.
Our members enjoy reading, sharing and relating with one another. Join us as we share these passions while saving time and money. Check out our huge selection of great books and then find out why it's more fun to trade with FrugalReaders!
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I just recently used Snapfish for our last photo processing order, and fell in love with it. I paid so much less than I would have through any local processing center--and the prints turned out AWESOME! You can pretty much bet, I'll be placing an order in the next couple of days using the 20% off deal.



I'm into photography, these days, and my dream camera is like $4000. Well, that's just not going to happen for many, many years. Plus, do you think I would really pay $4000 for a camera, when I could probably get it WAY cheaper by just using my deal-finding skills? Ha!

Anyway . . . so, I've had my eyes open for a camera that would be a step up from the one I've been using (Fujifilm FinePix 3800). I've been wanting the Fujifilm FinePix S5100 or S5500—10x optical zoom, 4 mega pixels. It's definitely not what I want ultimately, but it's a step in the right direction, and it's affordable (if I save my quarters). So, I've had my bargain shopping nose to the ground in search of a good deal on a used one.

Well, craigslist.org came through again!! I wasn't even searching for a camera at that particular time, but I stumbled across a listing for the very camera I had been searching for: a gently used Fujifilm FinePix S5100!! They were even selling it with a 512 MB picture card, USB cable, software, and case. I was in heaven! The price . . . $100! Typically, even the used ones go for over $200—and brand new, they go for over $300!! That was a HUGE savings! I jumped on it, e-mailed the seller, and BAM—there I was at his house two nights later, forking over the aforesaid $100, and walking away with the almost brand new digital camera I had been looking for. All it took was some patience and consistency.

And that's my latest, greatest deal!

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Now That's a Good Deal

Top 20 Deals in Search

By Mike Krumboltz
Tue, November 13, 2007, 3:29 am PST

Everyone loves a good deal, and it's not just because you save money. It's the proof that you're no fool. You're smart. You're savvy. You're cheap, but in a good way.

You're also not alone. With the holidays approaching, searches on "deals" are beginning to climb. We donned our best bargaining hat and took a look at the top 20 "deal" searches from the past seven days. Enjoy, and remember—sticker price is for chumps. . . .

Read the rest of the article for links to the "top 20 deal searches".

SOURCE: Yahoo! Buzz


DEAL ALERT: Spirit Airlines 2007 Clearance Sale--just in time for holiday travel!

Spirit Airlines is having their 2007 Clearance Sale,
with airfare from $1 each way!!

They are clearing out all of their fares from 2007 to make way for the 2008 fares. Hurry, though, because the sale ends Monday night (11/12/07) at 11:59 PM (Eastern).

Here are the stipulations, according to the e-mail I just received:
$1, $2, $3, $5, $8, $13, $21, and some $34 and $55 fares must be booked on spiritair.com between 3:00 PM ET on November 9, 2007 and 11:59 PM ET on November 10, 2007 for travel on the dates as specified by individual market and by market direction. All other fares must be booked on spiritair.com between 3:00 PM ET on November 9, 2007 and 11:59 PM ET on November 12, 2007 for travel on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between November 27, 2007 and February 13, 2008. Please see the terms and conditions for complete restrictions and details.

So if you haven't booked your holiday travel, do it now!! The sale ends really soon!

Find coupons online for just about anything you need!

I was just made aware (thanks -C) of a great website for coupons that has coupons for just about ANYTHING you're planning to buy.

In fact, -C talks about it way better than I could, because she's had experience with it. Visit her post on "My Cup of Tea" to learn more about how you can benefit from searching Wow-Coupons.com before you make an online purchase.

Great find, -C! I can't wait to use this site!



I wanted to find a way to share some of the great deals I get, and hopefully inspire you to find your own great deals and share them. So, I'm beginning what I'm calling, "My latest, greatest deal" posts. Whenever you see a post with that title, you'll know that I'm sharing, well . . . my latest, greatest deal. Feel free to comment and share yours as well!


We have a pet cockatiel. She's very sweet, and we've been wanting to get her a larger cage for a long time. She's not a huge bird, but she needed a bigger space than what we were able to afford when we got her. Enter craigslist.org . . . one of my favorite websites. I will usually search our local edition at least once a day, just to see what's out there for sale or free. Well, Wednesday I saw the posting I had been waiting to see! Someone was selling a large cockatiel cage for $10!! Now, if you know your pet supplies, you should know that a small to medium sized bird cage goes for no less than about $30, brand new. The cage I found on craiglist was in great condition and twice the size of our ~$30 cage we had gotten brand new. I jumped on it and e-mailed the seller right away. Fortunately, it was still available, and that evening our cute little bird had a new home!

Cockatiel . . . $40
New, bigger birdcage . . . $10
Watching our cockatiel be able to spread her wings in her new cage, and hearing her tweet with delight . . . priceless.

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Getting savvy about standby power

By Noah Buhayar, Fellow, Rocky Mountain Institute (www.rmi.org)

Ever wonder how much electricity your household appliances use when they're supposedly off—in "standby" or "ready" mode? Think of the clock on your microwave, your DVD player that's on but not playing a movie, or the little sensor on the bottom of your TV that waits for a signal from your remote control.

It turns out that these "vampire" loads are gradually sucking away power—a lot of power.

An estimated 13 percent of household electricity use, according to a recent study published by the California Energy Commission, is from appliances in low-power mode (which is to say, not performing any of their primary functions).

Standby mode, the least amount of energy an appliance can use without powering down, is just one example. Many appliances have multiple low-power modes.

A DVD player, for instance, may have both a standby and sleep mode. Computers, as well, often save power by shutting down one or more components without turning completely off.

What it costs
The costs of these low-power modes are enormous. Standby power alone accounts for 5 of that 13 percent of household electricity use.

In 2000, a group of researchers from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory estimated that each year Americans spend about $4 billion just on standby power.

Generating that electricity puts roughly 27 million tons of CO2-equivalent emissions into the atmosphere (more than 3.7 million cars' worth) every year.

While the amount of low-power mode energy required by most new appliances is going down, the number of appliances (from washing machines to air conditioners) with continual power needs is increasing—eclipsing those savings. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that standby power could consume as much as 20 percent of household electricity by 2010.

Worse yet, some of our electronics never go into low-power mode because they're hooked to networks that require constant feedback. Most desktop computers are left on all the time for just this reason—drawing (on average) a steady 70-watt current. The monitor may be off, but the processor, fan, and other hardware may still be running.

Your cable box, too, is perpetually drawing current as it talks to the network. Have an Internet phone? That, as well, is always on, ready to take a message.

Energy-efficiency experts are busy identifying ways that manufacturers can reduce the amount of energy required to maintain a network presence, hold a channel, or answer the phone when you're not there. Some promising work can be found here.

Why we don't sacrifice convenience?
If the net impact of all our leaky appliances is so huge, why aren't we compelled to change our habits—or do without a little convenience?

A colleague of mine here at Rocky Mountain Institute shares a useful anecdote. His home A/V system (TV, cable box, DVD player) and communications system (cable modem, WiFi router, Internet phone, and cordless phone with answering machine) uses about 45 watts of electricity continuously.

Even though he'd like to save that energy, he leaves the system on all the time. If he turns off the power bar that links everything to the wall, his phone won't take messages and he'll lose Internet connectivity.

What's the cost of this convenience? He estimates about $40 dollars a year.

What you can do
If you're looking to reduce your energy use and tread more lightly on the planet, changing your habits is a good starting point.

  • Shut your computer and printer down (all the way) when not in use. Some people find it useful to plug all their IT equipment into one power bar, then flip the switch once they've shut down.
  • If you have an A/V system that can be turned off entirely without sacrificing performance, do so.
  • Keep cell phone chargers out of the wall when you're not charging the phone. Those little power bricks often draw a little current—even when you're phone's not connected.

Making informed choices
Most importantly, educate yourself. The U.S. government's Energy Star program rates appliances and often has information about their standby (or low-power) mode energy use. For home electronics, low standby power use is a key criterion for qualifying products.

In 2006 alone, the program saved some $14 billion on Americans' utility bills and helped avoid more than 35,000 megawatts of peak power demand (equivalent to the capacity of 70 new power plants).

These small changes may not make a huge dent in your monthly electricity bill, but they can add up.

Noah Buhayar is a fellow at Rocky Mountain Institute

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