One of my favorite ways to find cheap or free items is on www.craigslist.org. This free online classified community is a great source for finding used items that won't cost you an arm and a leg. Postings last for 30 days, and are completely free.

My in-laws are trying to furnish their second home on a budget, and I recently found them a FREE full mattress set (in decent shape, and better condition than one they already had) and a queen sized wood, cannonball bedframe for $25. They were thrilled! The other great thing is that even though I don't live in their area, I can search the local craigslist in their locality and send them links to items they might be interested in.

We recently also sold a car, and bought a newer used car on Craigslist. Not spending the money on an ad in the paper was really nice, and our car sold within two days of listing it. The car we purchased was really nice, too.

So, check it out for anything you might be interested in: www.craigslist.org!

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