How long has it been since you took a trip to the library?

One thing that can save you a lot of money on books, music, DVDs, movies, etc., is dusting off that unused library card and making a trip to your local branch! I know that the libraries in our area are really great. They've installed self-checkout kiosks and allow you to access their catalog and pay fines online. You can also request anything from another library and have it sent to the one closest to you . . . all online! They will even send you an e-mail to let you know when it's ready to be picked up.

To avoid returning things late, I have it set up so that they e-mail me when my items are due in three days. If I need to keep them longer, I just log into my patron record and renew them.

I've rented popular movies, excercise videos, books, books on tape . . . you name it! It's really a great way to stay current, without spending any money (as long as you return things on time, that is).

Most libraries allow you to even check out software and popular music. A number have also started offering electronic resources that are accessible online.

In the past several years, I have renewed my love of our local library. I'm there a ton, now. So, instead of going out and buying the latest, newest, and greatest, check it out at the library. You'll enjoy the things you love, without spending the extra cash to purchase it.

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