Welcome to the Bargain Shopper's Paradise!

This is a site dedicated to all you bargain hunters and shoppers, and is filled with valuable tips on where and how to sniff out those bargains that will save you some much needed cash. Besides the fact that saving money is necessary, it can also be fun and something the whole family can enjoy. Throw-out your old presumptions about obsessive coupon clipping and outdated clothes from the local thrift store.

Life on a budget doesn't have to be about missing out!

That's what this blog is all about.

In our current culture, we seem to be very concerned with keeping up--having the latest, best, and brightest things we can. And yet, we sink ourselves deeper and deeper in debt, spend more time playing with our new "toys", and miss out on valuable relationships, financial freedom, and creativity.

So, the Bargain Shopper's Paradise is about having fun AND saving money. It's about grasping the difference between wants and needs, and allowing ourselves the freedom to not have to "keep up" with the newest, best, and brightest, while drowing in debt and the question of "how are we going to pay for this?" Yes--you can shop at a thrift store AND come out looking fabulous! Yes--you can clip coupons AND chuckle to yourself at the woman in front of you in line who paid twice as much as you did for her stick of Secret deodorant! Yes--you can have fun AND save money!

As a self-proclaimed "treasure hunter", I have a plethora of wonderful ideas to share. But I'm counting on you, too! Bring your ideas to the table and share them with everyone. Don't just keep that rush you get from finding the perfect Land's End fleece at a garage sale for $1.00 all to yourself. Share it with us, and maybe we can change the world into one big Bargain Shopper's Paradise!

Any profane, nasty, rude, or otherwise inappropriate remarks or comments will be deleted. Let's keep this clean!

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